Why we called ANTEROS?

Love and Love Returned

In Greek mythology, Anteros representing requited love, and punishing those who were not interested in love or not returning other people’s love. He was the son of the god Ares and the goddess Aphrodite, and brother of the god of love, Eros.Anteros had a similar description to Eros, bearing either a golden club or lead arrows, but his wings were plumed and likening those of a butterfly. Both brothers were companions of their motherAphrodite. The statue in Piccadilly Circus in London depicts Anterosas a symbol of the selfless love of the Earl of Shaftesbury for the poor.

Like me, I performed handmade many years and I love handmad very much. I believe handmade can reflect our innermost beauty and inspire the others. I do hope I can setup a supplies company and can help those who love handmade by providing them affordable supplies and those poor by donating part of our profits.